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Related post: Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 13:29:16 -0700 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me 19 - Complex Triangle-Gaymale -Highschool Reese and Me 19 - Complex Triangle April 16, 2001Written by Jamie McHaleWarning - This story contains preteen panty photo sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note - This story is the property of the writer. Any copying in part or in whole of this document is prohibited. This story is completely fictional and does preteenm models nude not involve any real people.EMAIL me if you have any comments. ____________________________________________________________________________ Reese and Me 19 - Complex Triangle Brian and I were cuddling together on the rec room couch when the house erupted with the sounds of hard knockings at the door. Intensely curious as to who would be knocking at my door at this late child sex preteen hour, Brian secret preteens and I jumped out of the covers, made sure that we were both fully clothed, and made our way upstairs to see. It was eleven o'clock on the dot, and I'd been just considering getting it on with Brian. I didn't want any interruptions, so I was not only curious, but overcome by frusteration. The knocking only got harder as we approached the door. "Fuck," I muttered under my breath, surprised that my parents hadn't been awakened by this late-night intrusion. Finally, I reached the door, pulling it open to see that Chase was outside. With him were two friends. The looks on their faces were something else. They were all pretty shaken nudist preteen archives up by something, and they had me panicked almost as soon as I laid eyes on them. preteen incest nude "Jake!" cried Chase breathlessly, "We need a ride to the Youth Center!" All three of them were out of breath, as though they'd been running. Their faces were flushed with colour. Just seeing Chase again provoked an emotional response within me, but there also seemed to be an emergency. Obviously, I was concerned, "What the hell's going on Chase?!" I cried, moving closer to them. "We just heard," he began, still trying to catch his breath. "Meghan's gonna get jumped tonight by a bunch of Alex's friends!" preteen nudist thumbsnail underage ppreteen galleries "What?!" immediately escaped from my mouth. "Why the fuck . . . " "From what Kyle told us, it's cuz she's been standing up to him a bunch 'a times," Chase explained, beginning to gesture to the Jeep behind him. "So we wanna make sure that . . . " I cut him off, "Yeah, we're going!" Instantly, I had my shoes and wind-breaker on and was ready to go. Thankfully, Brian wasn't far behind, also willing to help out in the situation. I still couldn't believe what Chase had said. I didn't doubt that Alex had the motive and the ability to get Meghan beat down. But, I knew that he would never be able to get a bunch of guys to do it, it would have to be a group of girls. I hadn't seen a lot of girls hanging pre teen teasers around with Alex, but I suspected that he knew a few. The sick thing was that Alex was slowly becoming more and more popular in the school. I wondered how he was doing it, but I had been trying to stay out of his way. The last thing I needed was preteen porn illegal to get gang-beat again. Especially since I'd just hooked up with Brian three weeks earlier. abused preteen models "Thanks Jake," Chase uttured as we all climbed into the Jeep. He was grateful, trying to smile for trailers preteen me. "No problem, buddy. If Meg's gonna get jumped, I'm involved in this as much as you are." I turned the key in the ignition and put it into gear. I don't think I video preteen nude ever backed out into the street as fast as I did then. I immediately slammed it into drive and sped up the road for the dance. I was red with anger at that point. If they touched her, I would kill Alex. He was doing this because Meghan had been going out of her way to stand up for preteen virgin fuck me to him. When she did this in public, she made Alex look like a fool. So naturally, he would seek revenge. And, more and more, the logical course of action for a person like sex fuck preteen Alex to get back at a girl, is to get a bunch of his girlfriends to jump her. It was happening to a lot of chicks I knew. But I wasn't about to let it happen to teenage preteen supermodel Meghan. We arrived in front of the Youth Center, where I didn't even bother to park in the lot. I ended up double parking right in front of the entrance. Breathing hard, my preteens uncensored heart beating a hundred miles per hour, we all promptly exited the Jeep and ran up to the doors. Without paying, our little posse entered the dance where we all spotted the circle of people gallery gymnastics preteen in the middle of the dance floor. Security guys preteens hot photos were linguering around the perimeter, but for some reason weren't venturing farther. I knew this was it. I gave Brian a side-glance to let him know I was going in with Chase who was already ahead of me. In the past weeks I'd let Brian in on every important event from the past year with Reese. He knew about the beatings, the fights, the conflicts, and most every aspect of my life. And in that moment, I'm sure he knew that I was serious about taking Alex out. If I saw him in there, cheering on his little gang of chicks, I would beat the piss out of him. In the back of my mind, I knew Brian was right behind me, too. With the music blasting in our ears, Chase and I entered the circle to be horrified by what we saw. Kevin lay struggling on the floor, with two guys on top of him, kicking and punching him. Meghan, screaming over and over again, was getting her hair torn out by another girl. As we stood there, observing the situation for a second, Chase and I exchanged glances. I hadn't seen Alex yet, so I decided to jump on the guys beating Kevin. With all my force, I knocked over thug number one, immediately taking a hit in the ribs by thug number three who I hadn't noticed behind me. I yelped, spinning around just as Chase was coming in on thug number two, who was still busy with Kevin. I threw a punch my attacker's way, which missed. I took another hit right afterward. This fist, which belonged to thug number one, impacted in my lower back. A shockwave of pain rocketed up my spine, as I wondered which to try to hit. Then, I saw Brian come in, my man. He grabbed the guy behind me and thrust his fists into his face. I preteen uniform clips managed a slight smile, turning on the guy in front of me. He threw a punch, coming in real close. Instinctively, I blocked it, driving my fist into his gut. He doubled over; I'd hit him really hard. I immediately jumped up and tossed a knee into his mouth. Blood already spraying out of his split lower lip, the guy fell back onto his ass on the dance floor. I heard cheers from all around me as I turned to the guy fighting with Brian. My man was just taking one in the cheek as I came forward and put a chokehold on his attacker. The guy yelped in surprise as I dragged him backward, away from Brian. "Son of a bitch!" I cried, increasing the amount of pressure I was applying to his neck. He struggled, but I maintained my hold until I recieved a hit in the back again. I whipped around to find that Alex photos preteen sexe was the culprit. My body surged with intense rage, the hair on my arms standing up with anticipation to hit him back. I went forward, my hands out, ready to grab him and lace it to him, when an arm closed around my neck. The guy I'd had in a chokehold, now had me in one! I gasped for air as he tightened his grip. Then, Alex started to hit me. Punch after punch in the stomach. I screamed out loud in rage, not pain. I was latin preteen video too mad to feel the pain. My salvation came as Brian and Chase, and his friends, who'd been busy with the chick-fight, jumped on us. We all fell to the floor, a tangle of struggling legs and swinging fists. And then, finally, as we atempted to continue the fight from the floor, the security free preteen sexe guards broke us up. A week later . . . It was after school on Friday afternoon. Brian and I were just on our way out sex preteen underage the back entrance for the rear parking lot when I heard Chase shouting something behind me. I preteen sex toplists thought about just walking away, making it seem as though we hadn't pre teen undies heard him, but I couldn't. Over the past week, he'd been interfering over and over again in my relationship with Brian. And everytime we spoke, he seemed to find a way to bring up Reese. At that point it had been over a month since he'd called me, and I didn't even want to tasteful preteen pics think about him anymore. It caused me too much heart-ache. Besides that, I had other things to worry about, without Reese Pirelli on my brain 24 hours a day. underground forbidden preteen "Jake!" cried Chase, jogging up behind us, "Wait up!" Grudgingly, I turned preteens sex clip around to face him. He inna pre teen lumbered forward, finally catching up. "Hey," I greeted, trying to seem happy to see him. I did care about him very deeply, but he was complicating things between Brian and I. And I didn't need that. I just wanted things to work out between us. I'd had enough heart-break. "What's going on tonight with you guys?" Chase asked politely, smiling as he adjusted the straps of his back-pack. "I dunno," I replied, managing a smile, "Probably not much." I looked at Brian who immediately nodded back at me. I knew he wanted a quiet evening alone at my place. My parents were out of town for a few days. "There's a party at Wilson's tonight," suggested Chase, "You should come." preteen sex movie I looked back over at Brian. He still seemed as though an evening alone was in order. "I dunno," I told Chase, "Maybe we'll show up." Chase looked disappointed. I think he knew that I didn't want him around as much as he was. He looked past me at the parking lot. "You got the Miata?" he asked. "Yeah," I replied, "Both my parents are out of town." "Oh cool," Chase said, beginning to turn away. "Anyways, you guys show up tonight, aight?!" "Yeah, we'll try," I called after him as he walked away. He was looking pretty good lately. He'd done something new with his hair. It was super-short and styled awesome. "He seems alright today," Brian remarked, glancing boy preteen toplist at me as we approached the edge of the parking lot. "Yeah," I agreed, smiling at my man, "He didn't mention Reese even once!" I cried sarcastically, pulling my keys out to open the nonude preteen cameltoes Miata. "The night is young," Brian reminded me as I unlocked my Dad's car and dropped down into the sports seats. "You thinking we should go to this party?" I asked, turning the key in the ignition. "Not unless we both agree that we've had enough sex before ten." Brian, my little horn-dog, grinned huge, securing his seat-belt. We'd gotten extremely close over the past weeks. I was pretty sure that I loved him by the second week, but I still wasn't entirely post preteen pics sure. I'd always believed that you could only truly love one person. And for me, that person was Reese. But then, Chase comes into my life, and Brian. I didn't know what to think. But, all I was concerned with at that point was my happiness. And I was happy, so things were going good. I missed pregnant preteens Reese, but at the same time, I had Brian around. He wasn't a substitute for Reese. He was completely different, but he kept my mind off Reese, who'd pretty much abandoned me. "I'm sure we could go all night," I said to Brian, pulling out of the parking lot. Revving the powerful engine, I released the clutch and hit the gas hard. The Miata jumped, pulling ahead with brute force. The tires screamed as I layed a patch right in front of the school. I turned heads all over the place, but I smiled and shifted into second, preteens underage pron accelerating down the road just as russia preteen nude aggressively as usual. "You're a fuckin' nut!" cried Brian, pinned to the back of preteen xxx photo his seat. I shot preteens ped a glance his way and held the clutch down in preparation for the stop sign which was directly ahead. I pretended as though I hadn't noticed that the stop was there. And I only began to stop a second before we would have run the intersection. Brian was practically loading his pants as I screamed the tires once again. I laughed, "Admit it, you're having fun!" "Sure I'm having fun. But you won't be laughing when we hit an old lady or something!" The voice of reason. preteen natasha pics Better listen. I slowed the vehicle as we turned preteen boy mpeg onto my street. I kept looking back at Brian. He was so cute. I adored him. Initially, I'd thought that our relationship would be based on just sex. We would sleep together whenever either of us felt like it, and there would be no more emotional attachment then that, but it didn't turn out that way. I soon developed feelings for Brian Hendrick. It anal sex preteens wasn't hard; he had many endearing qualities. prague preteen xxx He was caring, considerate, up-beat (most of the time,) and intelligent. He always asked me what I wanted to do. He never had to have things his way. His way, was my way. And I loved that. He was constantly trying to please me. preteen japanese pictures It was almost too good to be true. We soon arrived young pre teenmodels at my house. Exiting the Miata, I grabbed my cell phone and shoved it into my pocket. I yet again flashed Brian a big smile, and we headed up the driveway for the front entrance. I quickly unlocked the door and we stepped into the foyer. Having slipped off my shoes, I immediately turned for the basement stairs. Brian wasn't far behind. He knew exactly what I had in mind for board preteen pics us. "Just gotta hit the bathroom for a second, k?" I called to him as he entered the rec room. "K!" he cried, grabbing a seat on the couch. I sighed a little, making my way into the bathroom. Closing the door behind me, I turned for the sink across the room. I proceeded to pour some cold water and splash it across my face. I looked up into the mirror, taking in a deep breath. preteen bare naturalist I didn't even realize how complicated my life had gotten. I thought about petite preteens nude Reese child preteen gallery again. What if he were to come home, expecting to have a boyfriend here waiting for him, and he found me with Brian? preteen thai girls "No," I muttured to myself a loud. If he still wanted me, he would have called again. But what about russian preteen camp Chase. He loved me, and he was watching me go from one guy to another, completely by-passing him. All college preteen sex of a sudden, I felt terrible. But then, it dawned upon me that a super-hot guy was waiting for me out preteen latin sites in the rec room, and I gallery preteen nympho shouldn't be worrying about anybody else. The entire situation was out-of-whack, but that was the way the cards were dealt and there was preteen art hardcore nothing that could change that. I still felt bad, but I decided to go back to concentrating on being happy with Brian. I exited the bathroom and made my way into the dark rec room. Brian was no longer on the couch. In fact, I couldn't locate him anywhere in the room. A little surprised, I began to turn around to hit the light switch when I felt arms close around my body from behind. illegal preteen lollitas It was obviously Brian. I settled into his hold, loosening all my muscles. preteens panty sites I took his hands in mine, rubbing up and down his bare arms. He leaned in and rested his head on my shoulder. preteens models bbs Then he began to gently kiss the back and side of my neck. I let out another sigh, really liking this. Brian kept up with the kissing, but was soon leading me toward the couch. I let my hands explore his back to discover that he was naked. I was surprised, so I let my hands fall a little lower. I felt my hands travel across Brian's bare ass. I smiled, "You're already ass-naked." "Yep," was his plain response. We were soon dropping down into the soft couch. bbs littl preteen I turned around so that we were facing each other. And then I examined him. He was almost fully erect, and he was smiling at me. I leaned in and we shared a powerful kiss. He soothed my every pain, and took my mind off everything else but him. I went lower and bit on his neck. He yelped a little, but let me continue down his chest for his cock. I pushed him down onto his back so that we were in a little more comfortable position. Before I went down on him though, I preteens extrem took off all my clothes in front of him. He giggled a bit and I started blowing him off. By the time I got down on his little petite preteen big sexy dick, he was preteens nude magazine fully erect. I sucked it with a passion, continuously using my tongue to massage his plump knob. He ran his fingers through my hair as I increased speed. I had him moaning and gripping the sides of my face as he shot his hot load down my throat. I loved every drop. He wasn't done yet. He preteen ped photos quickly shot up preteens lingerie from his laying position, and grabbed me, taking me into preteens little ass a passionate embrace. We kissed for ten minutes, rubbing all over each other's bodies. preteen masturbation boy And before I knew it, I was pounding his tight hole. Gripping his sweaty chest from behind, I thrusted upward, driving my cock deep inside him. He cried out with each heave, but I kept it coming until I'd fired preteen freetour two massive loads into him. gallery pantie preteen We collapsed together on the couch, having cleaned up our little mess. Still completely naked, we cuddled and held each other world preteenie models for a while. And for much of that time together, Brian was silent. It was nearing five o'clock when he finally opened his mouth. "Do you still hq hot preteen miss Reese?" he asked all of a sudden. We'd discussed all this before, but his question still caught me off guard. Uncomfortable with the subject, I shifted positions with him on the couch, "Yeah, 4chan preteen girls you know I do." "But you're happy with me?" he asked, so concerned that I might not be. The truth was that my heart was still in pieces due to Reese's departure, but I knew I was starting to really pre teen gallaries love Brian. "Yes," I told him with conviction, looking him square in the eyes. "I couldn't be happier." Brian gave me a peck on the lips and smiled, "Jake," preteen movies porn he began, "Can I tell you something?" "You can tell me anything, my man." Brian paused for a moment to collect himself, and then continued, "Ummm, I think I'm in love with you." As soon as he was done saying what needed to be said, he retreated from the conversation, grinning shyly and turning three shades of red. I thought about how perfect all this had become, and smiled back at him, "I love you too, preteen model tanya Brian." We kissed europe porn preteen passionately. It felt so right. I was without Reese, preteen nymphets archives but I could still manage to be happy. After our kiss, my man drew back a couple inches. I could tell that he wanted to ask me another difficult question. "You still in love with Reese?" I didn't know how to answer that without getting him upset. I wanted him to know that I was satisfied being with him, and I thought if he knew that I was still hung up on Reese, then he might find that hard to believe. However, I wasn't about to start lying to him about my feelings. Tenderly, and with emotion, I toughed the side of his face, cp preteen girls "I do still love Reese. But you make me happier than I've been for a long time, and I'm with you now and nothing's gonna change that." Brian was so touched by my words that he was at a loss for words. So, instead of answering me verbally, we frenched again. And it was awesome. This time, it lasted forever. We began to make out, child nude preteens and Brian had soon gotten on top of me. He licked my body everywhere, soon jacking my rock-hard cock. I layed back and just enjoyed it, rubbing his hot back as he kissed at my neck. I felt so comfortable with him now. It was just like it had been with Reese. Brian continued to beat my dick until I'd blown yet another load of steaming jism. He cleaned it up and soon afterward, we noticed the time. It was now around six o'clock, and we hadn't eaten dinner yet. I turned to Brian who was in the middle of getting dressed. "You wanna go out for a bite to eat, or you wanna just grab something quick here?" "Can you preteen barely legal cook?" Brian inquired immediately. "Kinda," I replied, "But I usually go out when my parents aren't around." "You should cook me a meal or something," he suggested, smiling as he pulled his shirt back over his archive youngest preteen head. "Why is that?" "Cuz everyone world of preteens knows that the key to someone's heart is through their stomach," Brian answered smartly. "But I already have your heart." "I dunno . . . " Brian teased, "You haven't cooked for me yet." I laughed a little. "Okay," I agreed, "I will cook you a meal, but only if you do the sam preteen boy collection for me tomorrow night. K?" "You got it," Brian complied, gesturing for us to head upstairs for the kitchen. We'd soon made our way upstairs and into preteen modles gallery the big kitchen. I stopped in front of the island, pondering what to make. I glanced back at Brian who'd already taken a seat at the table. I knew that he wasn't going to picture preteen imgboard be much help. I looked around me at all the cupboards and counters, when it occured preteen inocent to me what I should make. Pizza! I immediately went for the freezer and grabbed some prepared doe. Once that was laid out, I spread the toppings across it. Then, I tossed it in the oven, and before I knew it, it was done. preteen legs pussy I pulled it out of the oven and cut it into slices. I placed preteen nice model two slices on plates and turned back for the table. Passing Brian his plate, I had a seat in front of him. "Well," I began, nude little preteens "What do you think?" "Not bad," replied Brian, munching on his slice. "Just not bad, huh? Can't wait to taste what you make me tomorrow night." "You're gonna be surprised," small sexy preteens insisted Brian, "I'm a master chef!" "Oh, I believe it!" I cried sarcastically. "Wait 'till you taste my chicken cordon blue!" he laughed with porn pink preteens a mouthful of pizza. I laughed too, and we were soon done eating. We both cleaned up and were back downstairs preteen top pussy in the rec room in less than ten minutes. We were cruising the movie channels when the phone rang. For some reason, I knew who it was before I even saw the caller ID, which reported that the caller was "out of area." My heart seized in my chest as I held the ringing cordless phone in my trembling hands. I didn't know if I was going to be able to answer it. What if it was Reese? What would I tell preteen crazy nude him? With a small burst of courage, I hit talk. "Hello?" "Hey Jake." It was Reese. After so many weeks, he finally calls. What was I going to do? I had no idea what I should say to him. "Reese," escaped from my mouth. preteenm pussy "Yeah, what's going on?" he asked, sounding so collected. "Why haven't you called me?" I asked suddenly. "I dunno . sweden nude preteens . . I just . . . I just met new people, and my Mom was still giving me shit for stuff." They didn't sound like good excuses. In fact, they didn't have anything to do with not preteen sex questions calling me. "I've been waiting all this time for you to call," I told him in a shaky voice. "I'm sorry," was preteen panty top all he could say. "Sorry's not good enough." Brian knew who it was. He looked concerned, laying his french preteen pics head on my shoulder and tenderly rubbing my arm. We was going to be there for me. No matter what. "Well what else do you want me to say?!" Reese demanded rudely. I couldn't believe that we were once so in love. "You could say that you miss me as much as I miss you!" I cried, hurt by his distance. "Jake, it's not my fault that I underage preteens xxx got sent here!" he cried back, not seeming to care that I was sadenned by his attitude. "Besides my eyes are open now." "What?!" I demanded, getting angered as well preteen strars nonude as hurt. "What the fuck are you talking about?!" "I'm seeing things a lot clearer now," Reese explained, "I know that you and me seperating was for the best." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Reese?!" I croaked, almost falling off the couch. "We weren't right for each other. bikini preteen pix And I've met some other people up here. Anyways, I just wanted to clear all this up, cuz we obviously aren't together anymore." Feed-back appreciated.
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